The Crystal Exhibition – Prevent Fires

  • Project Type: Educational Game
  • Role: Director / Technical Director / Game Design
  • Company: Squint/Opera
  • Client: Event
  • Completed: 2012

Subproject of: The Crystal Exhibition

Prevent Fires is a game designed to teach fire safety with respect to building design. A player is given a floor plan and a set of fire safety devices (such as smoke detectors, pull alarms, exit signs, etc.) to install throughout. Once the player decides where to install the safety devices, they trigger a fire simulation. If all of the devices were placed correctly, the building inhabitants escape unharmed. There are 3 levels to the game, each one dealing with different, increasingly sophisticated devices.

My role was to design and then direct this project from start to finish. After winning the pitch I worked closely with the client, 3d artists and the developers from Hirsch & Mann to produce the game. I also developed a render pipeline to efficiently produce the 3D-rendered sprites for the game.

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