Messy Goes To Okido: Music Maker

  • Project Type: Mobile Game
  • Role: Game Designer / Unity Developer
  • Company: Doodle Productions
  • Completed: 2016

“Zim, Zam, and Zoom have built a new machine to allow Messy and the gang to make their very own music. As a strange side effect, every time they change their tune, the world around them changes along with it. Somehow Messy’s Music Maker has the ability to remix OKIDO itself!”

My goal when designing this game was to make an interactive experience that rewarded creative exploration. With 7 characters, 16 instruments and 3 different play styles for each that can be remixed in sequence there are over 11 billion combinations to discover! The backgrounds also change along with the music so many hidden objects and characters can be revealed with special combinations.

The target audience is kids aged 3-8 but it really can be enjoyed by all ages. Instead of collecting stars or going for a high score, kids are motivated by curiosity. How does the music maker work? How can they find all the instruments and hidden combos? There are no tutorials or guides as there is no right or wrong way to play with the music maker. Each player will find their own interesting path.

With only a small team, my role as game designer stretched to include several responsibilities. At times I would be managing production as well as working in Unity alongside the developers and 3D artists to build prototypes, layout the scenes, test and tweak animations, assemble and update assets and test gameplay. I also worked with the music and sound designers to select the sound effects, the 4 main songs and match the various loops to the instruments and visuals.

The game is free on iTunes so if you have an iPad or iPhone please go check it out and let me know what you think!


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