Messy Goes To Okido – Series 1

  • Project Type: Kids’ TV Animation
  • Role: Technical Supervisor / Pipeline Development / IT Support
  • Company: Doodle Productions
  • Completed: 2016

In 2010-11 I was the technical director and one of the 3D artists for the Okido trailer that brought Messy Monster to life in 3D. The BBC loved the pitch and a few years later Messy Goes to Okido, the first TV series taken on by the studio, went into full production. I played a key role in designing the production process and planning for the expansion that would more than double the size of the studio. Throughout the production I supported the technical director and managed the IT and pipeline teams that were shared between Squint/Opera and Doodle Productions. I also contributed to pipeline development and built IT systems to ensure various processes and shared resources ran efficiently for both teams.

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