Al Maryah Island App 2

  • Project Type: App / Interactive Installation
  • Role: Director / Producer / Technical Director / UX
  • Company: Squint/Opera
  • Client: Mubadala
  • Year Completed: 2013

The app describes every aspect of Al Maryah Island, a massive new district in Abu Dhabi. A 3D map with hotspots allows users to explore many aspects of the project from transportation and phasing to the specific functions of various buildings. The interface was designed to be flexible with a moving menu bar so that users could increase the size of the map window or image window as desired. Flexible navigation allows users to click on specific hotspots on the map or simply swipe through images with the map adjusting accordingly. The app runs on an iPad sitting in front of a large screen that mirrors the content allowing for presentations to larger groups.

My role involved developing and pitching a new app and installation concept for Al Maryah Island’s marketing campaign.  I designed the app and worked closely with the client to ensure it presented the marketing content (mostly images, films and 3d models also created by Squint/Opera) effectively.

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