Render Bomb

  • Project Type: Pipeline System
  • Role: Founder / Pipeline Developer
  • Company: Squint/Opera
  • Year: 2009-2015

The Render Bomb is a 3DS Max tool built to improve the speed and reliability of render submissions. The script replaced a manual submission process that took many steps per job and had a significant chance of user error. While developing Squint/Opera’s 3D Pipeline, a part of the Squint Standards, I was able to automate many steps in the process. In the following years features were added to submit multi-pass jobs for lights, animation layers and stereoscopic cameras, all of which would have been hugely impractical without automation.


  • Automated multi-job submission for GI, baked/animated passes, lightpasses, stereoscopic passes and multi-camera renders.
  • Automatic file/folder creation and naming, quick-select frame size and file type, error-checking
  • Automatic job pools and priorities based on project folder locations.
  • Render submission to a Backburner, Qube and Deadline without having to work with additional submission windows.


In 2014 I hired another developer to add features to the bomb for the production of Messy Goes To Okido. In 2015 I hired Voy as the new head of the Pipeline team, passing over control of the Render Bomb. He worked closely with me the 3D team to add further features you can see documented on his website here.

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