Squint Standards

  • Project Type: Productivity Systems
  • Role: Founder / Director / Pipeline Developer
  • Company: Squint/Opera
  • Year: 2007-2016

Squint Standards are an evolving ecosystem of tools and scripts that automated repetitive production processes and provided documentation for standard workflows. What began as a set of standards for the 3D team quickly grew into a structure everyone at the company used to manage tools and workflows. These standards were used to direct the collective knowledge of the company into a structure that allowed for quick access in the future. Squint Standards were never set in stone. Teams would meet regularly to discuss current workflows and update the standards whenever a better way was discovered. From 2007-2014 I was the only pipeline developer but by 2015 a team of 2 developers was formed to take on pipeline management.

Accessibility and deployment of standards was just as important as the standards themselves. Sharing the workflows in editable google docs ensured the latest version was always visible while scripts and plugins were updated automatically in the background to keep all systems in sync.

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