The Crystal Exhibition

  • Project Type: Interactive Exhibits, Installations and Films
  • Role: Director / Technical Director
  • Company: Squint/Opera
  • Client: Event
  • Completed: 2012

I worked with Squint/Opera and Event to complete an ambitious and broad ranging set of interactive exhibits for the Siemens Crystal building in east London. The Crystal, at Royal Victoria Docks, was founded as an independent global hub for debate on crucial issues of sustainable urbanism, and it is home to the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to the future of cities.

In collaboration with Hirsch & Mann, Squint delivered a complex set of interactives, films and installations to communicate challenging issues, ranging from services infrastructure and density to fire safety, in a visually engaging way. The creative solutions included simulation games targeting very specific engineering challenges, films, and generative art installations interpreting city data.

Squint/Opera created a representation of the new building on a whole new 3d navigational platform. This new type of touch screen experience helps visitors understand what makes the Crystal so ambitiously – and successfully – sustainable through feature-led hotspots.

My role involved designing and pitching initial concepts as well as directing and developing the technical solutions required for the 3 interactives, 2 installations and 3 films.  Further details on my role in each of the projects can be found on the individual project pages below.

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